Youth Rock Climbing In Wichita

Get Your Kids Moving With Our Rock Climbing Classes

Treat your child to an exciting afternoon at Bliss Climbing and Fitness! Our Rock Climbing and Bouldering complex in Wichita is perfect for kids of all ages and experience levels.

They’ll have a blast navigating the puzzle of the wall and build mental skills as they come up with a creative way to reach the top. It’s the best blend of physical and mental training.

Multiple Youth Rock Climbing Programs for Your Child

That’s right! We have a ton of different experiences for your child to enjoy. Kids across Wichita love trying out new things. They’ll want to come back to put their skills to the test and conquer new challenges. 

Our Youth Rock Climbing programs include:

Summer Camp

Let your child experience the most exciting camp in Wichita! NOW ACCEPTING PARTICPANTS 

Birthday Parties

Host the coolest birthday party in town! Our birthday parties provide your child and their friends a reserved section to climb with staff members assisting them, with a party room included for an after-climbing celebration.

Youth Climbing Club

Let your child experience Rock Climbing with other young adventure enthusiasts. Youth Climbing Club is a three-month commitment that meets once a week for an hour and a half.  The Bliss Youth Climbing Club is dedicated to introducing youth to the sport of rock climbing, helping them find their passion for adventure, creating an active lifestyle, and teaching responsibility and respect in a fun environment.

Youth Climbing Team

Our climbing team and head coach provide an environment for your child to grow their climbing abilities while learning respect, teamwork, and hard work. Elective competitions are available for team members willing to push themselves further.

Homeschool P.E. Club

Bliss Climbing and Fitness can take care of your child’s Physical Education Credit! We provide a homeschool physical education program designed to keep your child active while learning the sport of indoor rock climbing.

These Rock Climbing Programs Offer Your Child The Best Blend Of Skills

Sure, rock climbing is a physical challenge that requires strength, flexibility, and coordination. But our rock climbing programs can offer your child so much more!

Kids in our rock climbing programs build:

  • Determination
  • Commitment
  • Perseverance
  • Self-confidence
  • Courage

Learn More About Our Youth Rock Climbing Programs In Wichita Today!

Are you ready to treat your kids to an exciting adventure or a brand new hobby? Join us at Bliss for the best entertainment in Wichita. Our program are perfect for all ages and abilities.

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