Super Bowl Focus: Eight lessons to take your climbing to the next level

Who would have believed it?  A second-string quarterback who had never won a playoff game prior to this year, on an underdog team, catches a pass in the end zone thrown by a tight end who had perfectly deceived the most successful team in the NFL by receiving a hand-off from an undrafted running back playing quarterback.  And on 4th down none-the-less! 

In case you missed it, that was probably the play of the night at Super Bowl LII as the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots.

What really got my attention during that play and the whole of that back and forth game, was Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles incredible finesse and focus the entire night.  He was clearly in what is commonly known as ‘The Zone’, that sweet place where everything just seems to come together effortlessly. 

In climbing, we call these ‘zero-gravity days’ (from the sensation that gravity isn’t exerting its usual evil countermeasures).  Movement feels intuitive, muscles strong, and confidence high.  They are magical days.  Maybe not Super Bowl Championship days, but they definitely can feel just as inspirational.

Of course the challenge is: how do we create more of these?

Perhaps we can take some pointers from this year’s Super Bowl MVP:

  1. Don’t listen to the naysayers.  Everyone expected the Eagles to fold – except the Eagles.
  2. Act decisively.  You might not get another shot.  When your name (or boulder) is called, don’t hesitate!  Go for it.
  3. Show up ready to play.  Whatever happened yesterday or last week or the play before is history.  All you have is the present.  Make the most of it.
  4.  Be prepared.  Eagles Head Coach Doug Pedersen said they had been practicing that trick play for weeks, waiting for just the right moment to deliver it.
  5. Never give up.  Tom Brady and the Patriots did not just roll over.  They kept coming at the underdogs.  And Nick Foles kept coming back.
  6. Set goals.  You don’t win a Super Bowl by hoping.  Know what you want and go for it.
  7. Focus.  Even if everyone is watching and cheering and booing and eating hotdogs, your job is to do what you came here for.
  8. Smile and practice gratitude. These days don’t come as often as we like.  Enjoy the moment and those who are sharing it with you.

So get out there, slay your dragons, and keep believing.

Follow your Bliss,


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