Staff was so thorough, informative, helpful and friendly. I met some great people and kids! One mother was there with her young ADHD daughter and I realized how climbing can help you focus, accomplish goals and gain confidence. Wished we had this in Northern Iowa! With this being my sons first climb we will be hard pressed to find ANYTHING that can compare to Bliss! Thank you!

It a awesome complex,very welcoming!! Priced right!! Can't wait to go back. Staff was very friendly!!

Brought my 9-year-old daughter here because it piqued her interest. She is in love. We have no experience, but the staff was helpful and attentive. My daughter was climbing comfortably in no time. Will definitely be back!

I love Bliss! It's nice that they change the routes so often because it makes it even more challenging... not that I'm a pro. I've made many friends here and they have taught me so much! Everyone here is nice, from the front desk workers to those by the walls to fellow climbers. I think rock climbers are just naturally helpful and kind. I don't go as often because I am involved in too many other activities, but I'm extremely glad we have this gem in town. My only complaint would be the auto belay devices. Those things drop quite a distance before slowing down. It freaks me out every dang time. I usually get someone to belay me when I'm at Bliss because it's less scary for me that way.

Outstanding experience. Great instructors, excellent climbing, and top-notch gear. Definitely try this at least once!!

Today was my first time ever trying this sport out. The staff at this facility were so knowledgeable and friendly! It was a great experience for me and my family. Definitely going to come again!

First time at this place yesterday. It was great! Friendly members and awesome staff. Got me set up with everything I needed and would help me with anything I needed! Great experience and a great time! Can't wait to go back!

My daughter had her birthday party here. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the kids all had a great time climbing.

You are treated like family from the moment you step in. Lots of exercise options upstairs, and climbing routes don't stick around too long. Plenty of routes for the beginner and intermediate climbers, but they have advanced options too! My family had a membership, and we visited on average 3 times a week - sometimes more. We never got bored or ran out of climbing opportunities. If you're thinking about trying it out, don't hesitate. You won't be disappointed.

The staff and fellow climbers are very friendly. The routes are set well and have a good range of difficulty. Come here for fun with the family or for a challenging workout!

I love Bliss! It is our home away from home in Wichita. We knew absolutely nothing about climbing when we went for the first time and now we are members... We can't get enough of climbing at Bliss!

I found out about bliss in July and been eagerly waiting its opening. I took my son there and we climbed for two hours. I felt like I was a regular there as everyone was helpful and willing to answer any question I had, no matter how simple. Between the bouldering wall and the auto-belay we had a ton of fun. There is only 4 auto-belays so can't wait to learn how to belay so my son could climb a lot more routes, and find a buddy to belay me.

I've been a member for a little over a year, and Bliss has treated me like family from day one. Truly great people and a great place to climb!

Best place ever. If you live in Wichita and haven't been here....I'd say really? It's the best. Try it at least once.

I stop here at least once every time I'm back in Wichita to visit family. I learned to rock climb out in California where there's tons of natural rock to get on and climbing gyms in most major cities. I've been to a few climbing gyms around here, and I have got to say, Bliss Climbing Complex is a top notch facility and I miss it when I'm back out in California. If you're remotely interested in rock climbing, start going to Bliss. Nothing works to teach you to climb than just starting to regularly visit a rock climbing gym, going to their events and classes, and talking to people who have already been climbing. The environment here is totally friendly and helpful to newcomers, so don't be worried! I absolutely suggest visiting this top-notch climbing gym! You're so lucky to have this place in town Wichita!!!!

Visited from out of state. My husband and I came from Colorado. We just started climbing and wanted to workout while we were in town. Everyone here was so nice! The routes are fun and the bouldering room was great!

Very impressed with the gym as well as the staff. Everyone is very knowledgeable, and it is one of the better climbing gyms I've been to. Lots of routes to choose from, friendly atmosphere, and plenty of extra training equipment. Very glad to see this and the climbing community developing in Wichita.

Bought a membership to this gym last Monday, so far I've really enjoyed coming here, the owner and staff are pretty awesome. The place is pretty big, there a lot of different "problems" to tackle. Definitely a fun way to build up body strength.

Bliss is by far one of the best things to come to Wichita! Excellent staff, great routes, and awesome training area. It gets better everyday in there!!

Bliss is truly a blessing for Wichita. Whether it`s your first time rock climbing or you`re a seasoned climber, Bliss is the right place for you. If it is your first time, you just have to show up and the staff will take you through everything (minus the climbing part, that you`ll have to do for yourself :)). For intermediate/advanced climbers, there are good routes that constantly change (but not before you`ve had time to work on them) and challenge you. There is always a project you can work on. Everybody is welcome at Bliss`s climbing community. I don`t write many reviews, but Bliss definitely deserves this good review.

I love climbing at bliss! No experience needed. The staff is pretty rad, I highly recommend checking it out!

This is an amazing place to climb and get a great workout. Staff were friendly and helpful. My son and I had a blast, we will be back!

Bliss is an AMAZING place! I am on the climbing team and there are so many great exercises we do. There are also many other workouts, like the ropes league, the core blaster workout, and so much more! I encourage everyone to come to Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex.

Visited this gym from out of town today and it was great! Fantastic rope routes and bouldering problems with lots of variety. No matter what style of climbing you like, I think they've got you covered! The staff was also super friendly and accommodating. I'll be making a trip back in the future!

Bliss is a beautiful gym with a wide variety of sport and bouldering routes for beginners to avid climbers. The setters frequently change routes, which is something no other climbing locations in Wichita offer. The gym also has a great training area and yoga for cross-training. Everyone is super outgoing and friendly so you can always find a belay partner.

A beautiful gym, makes efficient use of space, incredibly friendly staff and patrons, and very enjoyable route setting!! Check it out if you get the chance!!

Incredibly friendly and entertaining place. Experienced climbers will find lots of different, challenging routes that are changed frequently. People who are completely new to climbing but are curious should absolutely give it a try. The staff will introduce you to what you need to know. The membership includes an initial training and overview, which is very thorough. You can either come with a partner to belay each other, or you can climb on your own using the facility's auto-belay devices. These awesome devices allow you to connect your harness to a secure rope and start your favourite climbs almost instantly. Their shop is not large, but has a lot of what you need. If you don't own equipment, you can rent it at very affordable rates. The prices are remarkably fair and they feature only reputable vendors. Your membership really comes with tremendous value. It's easy to spend several hours trying various routes and just hanging out with like-minded people.

Great place for climbers of every experience level. There are plenty of beginner routes as well as harder ones. The routes are quality and the staff is great.

Bliss has super friendly and fun staff! The environment inside the gym is awesome and the members are friendly as well. Everyone is encouraging and helps push you to make you a better climber! If you haven't been to Bliss yet you need to go!

Are you tired of the lack of choice for quality climbing in Wichita? Look no further. This is an exceptional facility, with all the trappings of a proper gym. Check out the climbing walls, or perhaps bouldering is more your style. With these offerings as well as training options, such as a Moon board, you're sure to grow as a climber here! Get a membership, send hard.

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