Scared to death!

‘Don, I think you killed him!!’ I still remember the panicked sound of my mom’s voice. I was probably four or five years old and like most boys that age, days were filled with running through our small ranch-style home at full speed. This particular evening, my dad, who was always a bit of a […]

Fuel for the send: why nutrition matters

Nutrition and Climbing

In today’s world we are always looking for something quick and easy. McDonalds is at every corner (and in between every corner!) and with us running from one place to the next, it is easy to go through a drive through and inhale a cheeseburger and milkshake before or after a climb. Nutrition, however, should […]

The secret to crazy strong fingers

Have you ever fallen off a hold because you simply could not hold on? Sure you have. All of us have. Now there are a plethora (I just LOVE using that word) of reasons why you may have fallen. Maybe it was positioning or technique. Maybe you were pumping out. Perhaps the hold was just […]

Do this one thing and you WILL climb better

‘If you can climb a ladder, you can climb a route at Bliss.’ We tell people this all the time, and it’s true. Many of our introductory routes have big foot holds and large jugs. They are a blast! Six-year-old kiddos and sixty-year young grandmothers come in and find their way to the top, smiling […]

Five helpful tips to fingertip skincare

One of my favorite quotes, whether we are talking business or climbing or whatever, is ‘Go Big or Go Home’. That is largely what lead me to open Bliss Bouldering and Climbing Complex. So … why not start my first climbing advise blog with one of the stickiest and most controversial subjects: Skin Care. Everyone, […]

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