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Rock Climbing  near Wichita

Suzannah Guthrie

Q. How long have you been climbing?
A. "6.5 years!"

Q. Favorite Climbing Style?
A. "Wingate Sandstone, a geological formation that you can find in Utah. I love it because its soft! It's crack climbing but it doesn't kill your hands."

Q. How did you get introduced to climbing?
A. "I went to The Link School in Buena Vista in Colorado for Highschool and joined their climbing team."

Q. What is a fun fact about yourself?
A. "I have climbed Mr. Kilimanjaro!!"

Q. Do you have any climbing advice for others?
A. "Find your quiet place."

Q. Alter Ego?
A. "Yogi Bear because I'm definitely smarter than the average bear."

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