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Rock Climbing  near Wichita

Kati Wurzer

How long have you been climbing?
About 6 years. I started at a recreation center in college when I was at the University of Minnesota. they had a rock wall and my friends wanted to go and so, well, we did and it was awesome.
What do you like about climbing?
I like that it is a whole body sport. And more of an individual thing. It is about how you can push yourself and there is not a true direct comparison like in other competition sports.
What do you enjoy about coaching?
I like watching the kids learn and seeing how they think about and work through problems. The kids think about it differently. It is pretty fun.
What got you in to coaching?
Climbing has its own problem solving aspect for each person. But trying to work with someone who thinks and moves differently than you, and helping them mentally to succeed, is something I really enjoy.
Do you have any special coaching advice to dole out to our readers?
Always think about your feet. It is your main balance point and especially early in your climbing career it is where most of your power comes from.
Do you have a favorite place to climb?
Probably Horseshoe because that is where I have been the most.
What is a fun fact about you?
My primary background is ballet. I spent 15 years taking classes before I even started climbing.

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