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How to rock a rock climber's Christmas, Holiday gift giving for the climber in your life.

December 1, 2016


It’s the most wonderful time of the year:  Christmas carolers, hot apple cider, sleigh bells, Santa 

Claus, a baby in a manger, and of course, shopping lists!  


Now I really do love Christmas!  It’s a magical season.  Maybe it’s just because they are the only songs I actually know the words to, but I’ll sing Christmas carols in July.  


However, the one thing I hate about Christmas is the expectation to shop for everyone.  It’s not that I’m against gift giving and I’m really not one of those ‘Oh, the holidays have just become too commercialized.’  Christmas is what you make it, and gifts are a fun part of that tradition.  The hassle for me is that I just don’t know what to get everyone.  


Oh that all my friends and fam were just rock climbers!  Rock climbers are the easiest people in the world to shop for.  We all have just one real goal in life: to live that life to it’s ultimate fullness while having the time of our lives.  In other words: we want to have a great time achieving great things.  


Which makes gift giving for a climber pretty dang easy. Just get him or her something that increases the fun factor or helps produce better results and you are a star in their eyes. 


The first includes items like warmer clothes to use when trekking to the crag in cold/rainy weather, shiny new gear (no climber will EVER complain about another set of quick draws or the latest belay devise), personal protective equipment like ropes, harnesses, or crash pads (trust me, more than likely their gear should have been replaced years ago, but they’ve been saving up for that big climbing trip), magazine subscriptions, and of course: iTunes gift cards (trust me on this, I tried running a climbing gym once without music . . . mutiny! 😧 Climbers like their tunes!).


On the results side you have choices like new climbing shoes (because we would ALL climb two or three grades harder with just the right climbing shoes ), hang boards (so we can train at home while everyone else watches football after Christmas dinner), gym memberships (duh!), coaching and technique classes or books (a polite way of saying: your technique sucks😆), and even some much less expensive choices like healing hand creams and quality chalk.


If you want to earn even extra points, why not buy yourself a little gear and training and then come climbing with them, because there is NOTHING a climber likes more than having others to climb with.


And there you have it.  Everything you need to know to show your climber that you really do understand this strange obsession that they have.





Now, if you best friend is a golfer, I really have no idea what to tell you.  Maybe a little white ball🕳?



Climb hard and Follow Your Bliss,



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