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Rock Climbing  near Wichita

Pat Schroeder

I started climbing around 30 years old and was immediately hooked after I realized how much of a puzzle each climbing challenge could be. Starting later in life forced me to work more on climbing efficiently rather than powering through moves. Before I found Bliss I would've described my style as an elegant flailing t-rex on the wall. After starting to climb at Bliss I learned how proper technique could make seemingly impossible problems become achievable. Those kind of epiphanies led me to try and help other new climbers around the gym that I saw struggling with climbing. It was this willingness to help new climbers that led Bliss to ask if I wanted to help with the competitive climbing team. For the last couple years I have enjoyed our youth competitive climbers push themselves to become better climbers. Seeing the kids overcome challenges brings me an immense amount of joy. Outside of the gym I enjoy all things nerdy (board games, video games, D&D, etc.) and hanging out with my lovely wife and daughter. 

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