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Rock Climbing  near Wichita

Noelle Schumann

When I was 11, my dad and I wanted something that we could bond over, and climbing became that something. At the age of 17 I discovered that not only is the sport great for conquering a fear of heights, but is also a gateway to a wonderful community, as well as a better understanding of what the human body is capable of. I’m a part of the route setting team here at Bliss. I try to create routes that create a bit of confusion along the way. I believe that learning how to solve problems on the wall step by step is a large part of being a diverse climber. Creating and fore running has helped me tremendously in beginnings of becoming an intuitive climber.

Climbing gifted me both individually and the peace of feeling I belong. There is an indescribable joy in knowing that the people around you are just as comfortable showing their quirks as you are. It’s amazing that a sport historically dangerous can make you feel so safe.

When I’m not climbing or setting, I’m likely going on unpredictable adventures with friends, enjoying a day sketching at a local coffee shop, or painting in Wichita.

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