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Michael "Naise" Hellman


I started climbing at 16 when a buddy of mine said, "Hey, you're strong. Let's go check out this new climbing place downtown." I got on the wall, freaked out, fell and have been hooked ever since. I am Bliss's head coach and route setter. I enjoy creating movement on the wall and teaching. There is just nothing quite like watching someone struggle on a sequence and seeing the joy on their faces when they figure it out. Watching people progress through something and become better has always been fascinating for me, but having the opportunity to teach people how to use their body and be the catalyst for that change has been incredibly rewarding. So if you are looking to push yourself and become a better climber, come find me, in-between all the yelling, we can build you into the climber you want to be.

Climbing has been more than a physical activity for me. Moving around on the rock has taught me to think through what I am doing, refine my body's movements, and push myself to be better - whatever shape that takes for me varies. When you're flowing through moves and find that sweet spot, you lose all sense of whatever else is going on in your world. Having trouble paying bills, fight with your better half, trouble in paradise, it all just fades into the background and you can focus on what is right in front of you and breathe while fighting to stay in control. It is awesome and a feeling a refuse to give up.

When I'm not teaching, setting or climbing (yeah right, like that ever happens) I love working around my farm, riding my Road Glide and trying to convince my wife, Laura, that she didn't make a huge mistake by marrying me.


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